Online brand management for hotels & resorts


Why most hotels fail to develop a strong brand?

Brand management is something that average hotels hotels tend to ignore - and there is a rather ridiculous reason behind it. Most hotel marketing management teams only focus on short-term goals, such as increasing revenue and ADR in the upcoming 12 months. 

Long-term visions, such as turning the hotel's name into an local legend, making it well known for its unique values and finding the best audiences who will appreciate the property are not addressed, however hotel companies who understand the importance and invest in brand building, will enjoy amazing returns for decades.

Think of iconic hotels such as Dorchester in Beverly Hills, The Plaza in New York, or Claridge's in London - all well know around the world, enjoying positive media attention, always in demand and will always be on top of OTAs, top 5 lists and brochures, even if other properties offer more for less.

Mainstream hospitality marketing revenue management trends today are not focusing on long term goals, this is the simple reason why most hotels fail to develop a strong brand.


So what can a hotel so about it?

  1. Learn which audiences and demographics will be the most excited about the product
  2. Learn how to communicate their unique values efficiently
  3. Develop a brand positioning statement
  4. Develop a brand image that is appealing for relevant audiences
  5. Develop consistent and efficient communication that is in line with brand statement & positioning
  6. Develop a seamless product presentation and booking experience

Brand management made easy & affordable

This service is currently available in SE Asia & Malta

Starting from 2018, dCommerce has teamed up with digital agencies both in Malta & Vietnam to offer a complete online brand management solution that includes planning, media production, advertising, evaluation, and optimization.

Like this, hotels and resorts can enjoy a one-stop solution which provides the simplest, possibly the most efficient and consistent solution for competitive online marketing and brand management - eliminating the frustration and inefficiency of working with various companies trying to achieve the same.

The service is purposefully designed to replace partial marketing contribution of digital agencies, website developers, photographers and to some extent PR companies, and provide a much more efficient solution that returns measurable KPIs, scalable revenue and high ROI.

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Forget the frustration of working with multiple companies

After one year of supporting hotels and resorts in Vietnam, we have learned that the real bottleneck in marketing management in Vietnam is the poor implementation.

Local companies often fail to deliver the quality that is standard in other parts of the world, sometimes they are difficult to work with and deliver inconsistent quality. We have seen hotel management teams getting extremely frustrated when trying to coordinate inefficient web design and media companies at the same time, spending time on nonsense such as negotiations, following up or asking for revisions of poor work. 

The solution, package, and pricing

Our online brand management solution covers everything a hotel or resort needs in 2018 to become dominant and efficient online:

  • Brand strategy consultation
  • Paid media & advertising strategy
  • Advertising management & optimization
  • Social media management & optimization
  • Media production (photography, videos, video shorts & 360 tours)
  • Creation of brand guidelines & brand materials
  • Software tools to monitor e-commerce & brand value development
  • Content creation for quality blogging and engaging newsletters



The service has a fixed monthly fee, based on the previously agreed amount of work specified in the project outline. We make sure that the total amount paid to us will be less than what separate companies would cost.

  • Contract terms: 12 or 24 months
  • Starting from $3,000 / month


This includes:

  • Expertise to manage the process from beginning to end
  • Fresh photo and video content scheduled for every month
  • Content creation and publishing according to campaign schedule
  • Creation of brand guidelines & brand materials
  • Continuous paid campaign management on search engines, display, video channels and social
  • Continuous brand growth analysis and feedback monitoring
  • Website updates to improve communication & conversion rate
  • Software tools to report & analyse


During the process, no input is required from the hotel's marketing team, the service is designed to be a complete solution without interfering with internal procedures or workflows.

The point of contact can be the GM or DOSM.

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Expected return & results

Expectable results of our brand management service (depending on ad spend):

  • Increased website traffic
  • Significantly more positive social media interactions
  • Significantly higher brand awareness
  • Improved conversion rate & revenue on your website and other booking channels
  • Tapping into the audience / customer base of top competitors both for resorts & venues
  • Attracting high-spending guests to both resorts & venues
  • Valuable marketing intelligence and insights about ideal audiences
  • Increased revenue by advertising to relevant audiences
  • Improved brand positioning by with video and social campaigns


How can we ensure better results?

As Halo Digital Media & dCommerce work closely together, all photo and video marketing material can be instantly used in online advertising campaigns, be it banner ads, video remarketing on YouTube or social engagement campaigns. Our marketing intelligence & reporting software will precisely show which campaigns perform the best, which videos and images get the most positive interactions and how all these contribute to revenue and brand value.

This close cooperation is essential to make intelligent branding and marketing decisions, such as deciding which videos to produce more of, which audiences to target, as well as how to optimize messages for each audience online.

With this approach to optimize brand communication in advertising, also using the latest marketing technology (real-time bidding, automatic audience optimization) we can easily outperform regular advertisers and most agencies in terms of CPC, CPA, and ROI.