Key digital trends for 2018 from Adobe


2018: Get the customer experience right

Focusing on the customer experience is at the top of the priority list for most companies. Personalisation plays a key role as top organizations strive to make experiences as compelling as possible with the integration of artificial intelligence and cloud-based technology. To understand and prioritize what your next big moves should be, read The Econsultancy 2018 Digital Trends report from Adobe.


Here’s what’s top of mind for the majority of your peers: 

  • Increasing digital marketing activities and budgets
  • Investing in well-designed user journeys that facilitate clear communication    
  • Valuing creativity and design to differentiate their brands
  • Combining digital skills with technology to improve customer experience


What does this mean for hotel marketing?

Perfecting browsing experience and communicating the stay-experience on hotel websites will become essential and those who don't get it right can expect to see declining revenue from the website. 

As guests will not try to figure out what the website wants to communicate or go through complicated booking forms, they will just choose to make their booking on OTAs, or on other websites. Welcoming future guests on the website with beautiful visuals, easy to read information can leave a lasting positive impression, which is the first step in a purchase decision. Needless to say, a hotel who fail to provide a positive first impression will lose clients.

Saving on ad spend is typical in hospitality marketing, and despite it is 2018, a surprisingly large (over 60%) of 4 and 5-star hotels do not invest in digital advertising. This is certainly a good news for those who do - as such hotels are easy to outcompete.