Optimizing brand communication


“Build a lifestyle around your brand, and the audience will follow” – Eva Chen, Businesswoman and the co-founder and CEO of Trend Micro. This is true for various types of businesses, but even more so in the hotel industry. So many factors affect the success or otherwise of hotels these days, and unless one has an effective marketing strategy it becomes impossible for the user to manage to differentiate between one brand and the other and everything simply becomes “more of the same”.

Demystifying brand communication

Brand communication is not about showing images and videos of the property, or telling how good it is. That is just plain vulgar.

Brand communication is the art of communicating the values which will be appreciated by your potential customers. It is about communicating in subtle ways, giving a sample of the experience through beautiful imagery, offering a pleasant pre-booking experience, providing useful information and make it easy to discover and like what the brand has to offer.



As a brand, you want to stand out, not fit in. So how does one achieve this?

1. Have a brand guide….and follow it strictly

What this entails is simply having a font/typography, color palette, and logo which are specifically yours. Make sure that you use this in all your marketing material and wherever there is a reference to your brand.

2. Develop a style of communication that distinguishes you

Defining a consistent written tone of voice is critical when developing a brand – this will eventually become your brand’s personality. Setting the right tone of voice for your company makes your brand more trustworthy and consistent, which are two qualities that customers always look for.

Perfecting this tone is not possible without having a fairly good understanding of your audience demographics, and more importantly their expectations of your and similar products. Don't use formal language for thrill-seeking youngsters, even if they come from the wealthy demographics, or don't try to be overly casual in a classic city hotel even if the median age of top spending guests is between 30-35.

3. Web experience must be unified and wholesome

Inconsistent browsing and booking experience in 2018 is a huge turnoff for most customers. The first sample of the hotel experience is the first website visit. Poor experience will leave a poor first impression of your brand. Having features just won't cut it anymore, a hotel needs to offer a very refined user experience.

During the first visit, potential guests are looking for information they need to make a purchase decision. They ask to be convinced and ask for confirmation that your property will be the one they book.

So please make sure that you provide beautiful imagery, useful information which goes beyond describing how awesome the hotel is. Sell the experience, show them how others feel in the resort and make sure that the browsing experience is enjoyable. 

4. Optimising your OTA Listings

38% of all bookings come from Online Travel Agencies, hence making it of utmost importance that your hotel is listed. However, this is not the only point to look at. When people book through OTA’s the primary means of convincing them to book Hotel X over Hotel Y are images. Therefore, it is imperative that the photos you use tell a story – it could be a story of relaxation, or of luxury, or of grandeur….whatever it is, they need to tell a story and not just be a bunch of random images which are uploaded onto a portal just for the sake of having an image.

Other things to take into consideration when optimizing your OTA listing are:

  • A good, clear and simple description of your company
  • Points of interests which are situated close to the hotel
  • Hotel amenities
  • Room options
  • FAQ’s

All the points mentioned above are key to ensure that your brand stands out in the crowd and that, no matter how your potential guests land on your hotel page, they remember your brand and book it!

If you are at a loss as to where an how to start ticking these boxes, we recommend to contact us. We will be happy to support you in improving your online brand communication and e-commerce strategies.