Celebrating 10,000 booking form submissions - and what we learned from it


Over 10k form direct booking messages

Our booking form - previously known as dCommerce Forms - has received the 10,000th booking request on the 25th February 2017.

Since we launched it in mid 2017, over 100 hotels have signed up and using it happily - providing an effortless contact experience for potential guests and saving hundred of hours for sales and reservation teams.


We have learned a lot from these 10,000 form submissions:

  • Most form completion time is below 90 seconds
  • Over 80% of form visitors came from mobile devices
  • Type-free forms have avg. 38% higher conversion rate
  • Asking personal information in the first step results in 42% lower conversion rate
  • Short question improve form completion time


Why do hotels need a booking form in 2018?

One might think it is better to streamline a hotel website to generate online bookings - which is absolutely true, but in reality not all website visitors are ready to book straight away.


Based on our survey, hotel website visitors have 4 main purpose:

  • 78% want to learn more about the property, find additional information which was not available on OTAs
  • 53% expect to find direct booking benefits, and make a reservation on the website
  • 32% want to contact the hotel with questions or special requests
  • 18% want to ask for a special price


Based on these findings, only 53% of hotel website visitors arrive with the purpose of using the booking engine and 50% arrive to contact the hotel.

Catering for this 50% by offering an effortless and efficient contact experience is equally important as having a great booking engine.


Why are booking and contact form submissions valuable?

Most hotel sales and marketing teams tend to neglect form submissions and unfortunately, we see many teams handling these totally wrong.

People who take time to send a message are seriously considering to make a reservation but they need more information to make a booking decision. They reach out for this additional information, be it about price, facilities or special requests. Once their requirements are met, they will be ready to make a booking and pay directly - or via the booking engine.


How our booking form saves time for sales and marketing teams?

Our type-free contact form does not allow guests to send long messages. It provides an interface to input relevant details only, such as arrival, departure, room type and number of guests. 

Like this, sales and marketing teams do not have to read long emails any more. In addition, all contact form submissions are saved with a reference number so tracking sales conversions is also possible. 


Using our booking form is free of charge for hotels and resorts that meet our requirements. 

It is free because we monitor booking it’s usage to study booking trends, customer behaviour and use these insights to improve our e-commerce consulting service.


Are you interested in trying our booking form?

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