OTA Insight review: easy hotel and property revenue management tool

What is OTA Insight?

Probably the most practical way to gain insights and take control of OTA performance.

We and our clients have been using OTA Insight since years and would gladly recommend it to any hotel management team who are looking for a simplistic yet practical solution to take control of their OTA performance. 

OTA Insight collects data from all major OTAs (Booking.com, Expedia, Agoda, Ctrip...) and displays essential information on well-organized dashboards:

Rate parity & rate evolution

Going beyond basic rate shoppers, OTA Insight can display rate comparisons based on board basis, as well booking conditions (advance purchase, free cancellation & special conditions). These can be viewed separately on each channel.

OTA ranking

Probably most important metric to monitor: ranking on OTAs. 
OTA Insight users can observe how their ranking has been evolving, which hotels are in-demand and benchmark everything with their hotel, as well their competitive set.

With a good understanding of OTA ranking, it is easier to optimize Expedia TravelAds another sponsored listings to improve ranking where it really matters.

Demand analysis

Another essential for revenue planning and management. OTA Insight comes with a day-by-day demand calendar which is based on the numbers of searches from all connected OTAs. This feature can be used for better forecasting and to prepare short-term pricing strategies based on actual market demand.



Starting at $99 / month, OTA Insight is affordable for every hotel management team that takes their online performance seriously.

As per our agreement between dCommerce and OTA Insight, this tool is included free of charge in our e-commerce consulting package. 

To learn more about OTA Insight, visit www.otainsight.com