GuestRevu review

An easy to use tool for busy hoteliers, GuestRevu gives you the data and insights you need to listen, learn and earn from your guests through customized online surveys and consolidated online review scores.


GuestRevu helps you to proactively listen to your guests with direct feedback surveys that are customized with each hotel’s branding and includes questions specific to the property. What’s great is that they also use smart logic in their surveys, which means that only guests who give a low rating to a particular aspect of their stay will be asked further questions to pinpoint exactly what can be improved.

As a TripAdvisor Platinum Review Collection Partner, GuestRevu is seen as a trusted source, making it easier for guests to leave a review. At the end of the online survey, guests will be asked to leave a TripAdvisor review which is prepopulated with the scores they have already given. As they do not need to visit the site, be a TripAdvisor member or log in to leave a review, GuestRevu clients typically see a 100 - 300% increase in reviews going to TripAdvisor, with higher bubble ratings as well. This helps improve your overall ranking, earning you more bookings over time.


GuestRevu also makes it easier for you to manage  your online feedback by pulling reviews from all major booking and review sites into one dashboard, saving you time and providing valuable insights in the form of an aggregated scoring system

GuestRevu knows that running a hotel is no easy task, which is why they send out daily, weekly and monthly reports to your inbox so you can stay on top of how your guests really feel about your establishment. By learning from guest feedback and online reviews, you can make the operational decisions needed to improve guest experience and better meet or even exceed expectations.

And at every step of the way, GuestRevu’s world-class support team are there to help you with anything you need, at no extra cost, making this an all-in-one guest intelligence solution not to be ignored.

Daniel Diosi