3 simple ways for more efficient hotel newsletters


There are many online features that can help hoteliers create fascinating newsletters and stay in touch with their past and future guests, or even find new clientele for their hotels. Your hotel newsletters service is the ideal online way of communicating with your audience, making your hotel more independent and profitable than ever.

But which are the main elements that hoteliers should keep in mind, in order to achieve the best possible results from their hotel newsletter campaigns?

1. Focus on quality audiences

Guests that have already visited your hotel: keep all the details you need from the travellers that have stayed at your property in the past. Ask for their email addresses during check-in and send them a “reward” email with a coupon for a free drink at your hotel’s bar, creating a closer relationship with them.

Website visitors: think of a smart way to make visitors subscribe to your newsletters. Draw their attention with discounts or offers and collect as much information as possible, building a quality database with potential clients to your property.

New audiences: find new audiences via social media which is the ideal source for collecting many new contacts. Keep them loyal, by offering them special benefits and offers, for as long as they follow your hotel.

2. Make a communication strategy

Having a specific plan for your communication strategy through your hotel newsletters service is very important, therefore, you have to figure out a plan which will be useful and not annoying to your subscribers.

Concierge emails: if a subscriber is a current guest at your hotel, send them an email with important information about your property, providing them with tips that will increase their staying experience. 

Sales emails: create a lot of quality and attractive offers, always based on your visitors’ status (current guests, website visitors, new audiences etc).

Entertainment emails: this kind of emails is the best way to make your audience dream about staying at your property! Present interesting information and tips about your hotel, but make sure to include something very special about the property, ideally with a personalized touch.

3. Create the unique content and impressive design

Whatever the message you want to send, it has to be of high aesthetics and have an easy-to-read, interesting and understandable content. Create each type of newsletter individually and never forget that your newsletters reflect your hotel’s character!

Visual design: create a different template for each newsletter category you send, and this is something that requires careful work so that it’s done in the right way.

Texts: your texts should not be too long and complex. People read most newsletters on their portable devices, therefore, your texts should be short and comprehensive.

Offers: give credibility to your offers. Set short deadlines, or even include a coupon in your newsletter, giving an added value to the communication. Use an offer only when you feel really generous and do not consider them an act of necessity.

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