Which marketing tactics are best for your hotel?


It might not always be easy for small and mid-sized independent hotels to be noticed globally. Hotels need to spend a little bit of time and effort to ensure that they are visible worldwide, whether it is via the internet, on numerous OTA’s or via word of mouth.

Here are some good ways to optimize marketing tactics which are effective for your hotel.

1. Mobile friendly websites or apps

75% of millennials have travel apps on their mobiles, 69% of people prefer to book via their Smartphone’s or tablets. Your hotel would be at a disadvantage if your website is not mobile friendly and hard to navigate. Today’s generation wants instant information and everything should be accessible at their fingertips and hotels need to aggressively cash in on this.

2. SEO and Social Media Marketing

SEO is a powerful tool which your hotel need to ensure that your website is mobile friendly, integrate keywords so that it pops up when people re searching for your hotel in a particular city.
Hotels can also use Google to increase their local search ratings, they should include their name, address and phone number (NAP) on every page of their website as well as verify their property of Google My Business.

3. Remarketing using Google Adwords

Your hotel can then remarket to the guests who visited and went searching elsewhere by creating specific ads that can be displayed to previous visitors in numerous other social websites that they use. This provides great recall value for the hotel and can lure the guests to come back and book with them. Moreover, your hotel can even offer special incentives to a guest if they choose to book with them. This can result in a higher number or bookings as well as bring in more traffic to the hotel’s own website.

4. Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the process of managing your communication with your clients without selling. So instead of advertisements Using blogs, trip reviews, highlighting a facet of your property via a story etc is a great advantage. The information should be relevant and engaging especially to the hotel’s target group and should be available on multiple social mediums so that it makes the hotel more globally visible. Content Marketing is also great for SEO.

5. Channel Integration

To be visible worldwide, your hotel needs to have a presence in other distribution channels also such as OTA’s or GDS. They would be able to reach out to a much bigger circle of clientele.
To simplify online distribution, the small and mid-sized hotels should integrate their PMS with an effective distribution system. This shall help the hotels to manage their bookings seamlessly across numerous channels without taxing the manpower.

These are some of ways in which your hotel can market better, but always remember that you should constantly review and update any marketing collateral that they display across their numerous channels.

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