Hotel brand: social media is the best tool to build?


Over the past several years social media has morphed from a fun, interactive tool to a trendy sales tool in the eyes of page owners and businesses. Social media bookings come from good branding, and good branding comes from patience and a well-organized plan.

People engage in social media for several reasons, and one of those is to maintain relationships. When we approach our fans with the mind-set of a relationship rather than a sale or a booking, we see more engagement, better reviews, and overall happier fans, both now and long term. 

1. The visual experience

Social media is a visual experience and visual content is at least forty times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content (HubSpot). When you think about it, every social platform centers on visual content.  

This is your opportunity to publish the funniest, coolest visual content you can, whether that’s photos, videos, GIFs, memes, and so on. Start producing content that interests your audience, but remember, there might be a difference between what you like and what your audience likes. Again, test and measure.  

2. Guest reviews

One of the most overlooked aspects of social media is reviews. If there is one thing we know about the Internet, it’s that everyone has a loud virtual mouth. Reviews are a powerful tool and have the potential to help or hurt your brand image in a heartbeat! 

There is no better way to build trust than to let your audience tell others how much they love you. A great strategy is to post reviews about a rental AND photos of that rental. You could even use this as a remarketing tactic with paid campaigns. 

3. Paid campaigns

Remarketing is probably the best tactic you can use on paid Facebook. It’s simple but effective. Remarketing ads on Facebook are ads that display on their Facebook feed after they have visited your website, attempting to hook them again. Again, think of engaging information here as well, such as reviews, or bringing them back to a page they may have missed. 

4. What should you be doing for social media?

  • Post three to four times a week to your Facebook Page. 
  • Post something fun 80 percent of the time and post something promotional 20 percent of the time to increase engagement and reach.  
  • Respond to your reviews (good and bad) and private messages on Facebook within an hour (a badge on your page displays your response time). 
  • Spend money either remarketing on Facebook or boosting posts. 

5. Great ideas for facebook remarketing ads

  • Drive users to a page on your website that they may not have seen before, or one that is normally hidden, such as “New Rentals” or “Why we rock as a rental company.” 
  • Create ads that are guest reviews and rotate them to reaffirm customers’ choice in you. Link to more testimonials.  
  • Use a special Facebook-only coupon code and tease it in the ad to get visitors back to a page that has the coupon (you could also ask them to enter their email address to get the coupon code). Track the code so you know how many bookings you get. 

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