Local events: some tips to drive your direct bookings


Wherever your hotel is based, local events are taking place all the time and could be a vehicle for potential revenue if used in the right way. They could come in the form of a big football match, or concert coming to town, or alternatively, they could come on a smaller scale such as a local festival or community event.

Pay attention to upcoming events in your area that open up revenue opportunities for your hotel. Use these events to leverage your hotel and create attractive packages to drive business and increase profit.

1. Use events to inspire promotions and upsell

Upcoming events will inspire you in creating the hotel packages prospects. These packages form the basis in which you can work in value-ads, such as free transport to and from an event. This can help to differentiate your hotel from the competition.

For yearly key calendar dates such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Be inventive, make changes to your packages to offer prospects what they’re looking for. 

2. Sell premium attendee experiences

Selling a premium attendee experience will help boost revenue for event attendees. Identify something you have that people will pay extra for. Dry cleaning for guests attending a festival nearby, packed lunch for guests attending. Spot those areas where people will be willing to spend extra money to add to the ease and enjoyment of their experience.

3. Identify free events for your guests

Inform people about free local events they can participate in during their stay. Customers who feel like they have received good value for money are certain to tell friends, or even pay a return visit!

Alternatively, run your own free event such as offering Free Walking Tours, which creates a unique experience for guests and an added extra that your competition won’t offer.

4. Create your own events

Don’t wait around for a local event to take place, use your space and equipment to create your own. Host your own events such a Concerts, Comedy Nights or even themed nights which will attract locals and domestic tourists, as well as travelers from further afield who are staying in your hotel. 

Promoting your hotel as a venue to locals will in turn attract the venue for their own events such as weddings, large birthday parties, and community events.

5. Use book direct messaging 

By creating these event packages, you are encouraging customers to book directly on your website. Make it clear that these packages are only on your hotel website, to ensure they don’t book elsewhere.

Make sure to double check that the package rate on your hotel website really is cheaper or more value for money than booking on an OTA. If not, you may frustrate your customer and lead them to trust OTA’s when making future bookings.

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