Top 6 hotel marketing tips for summertime


Summers make for the most travelled season when it comes to family vacations. But at the same time hot and humid climates will make your guests fussy about the tiniest of things. As a result, it is important to notice little details that could make your guests feel at ease despite the weather.

1) Be summer ready

Keep in mind the requirements of guests as per the changing seasons. Your guests are sure to appreciate a wet towel and a cold welcome drink. It also pays to be aware of how summer manifests in your region, since some states (or even cities within a state) tend to be hotter than the others. So design a summer-ready strategy that best fits your region.

2) Pay attention to promotions

All your summer time preparations will be in vain if your guests don’t know where to find you. Promoting your summer-ready hotel is very crucial. Your guests would want to venture outside instead of staying in. Promoting a cozy fireplace in summer is a bad idea. Talk about exotic locations around your hotel that will appeal guests. It’s the small hotel promotion ideas that often influence a guest decision.

3) Customize your menu in the season

This makes for an essential point during summertime. Food preferences change with seasons. People tend to prefer food that is light on the tummy and refreshing – fresh fruits, lots of different juices, soups and salads, etc. Having a very exquisite spread of seasonal fruits and veggies is a smart way to attract hotel guests this summer.

4) Prepare your presentation, online and offline

How to prepare your hotel for the summer? Make sure you send in the right summer vibes in your presentation, both online and offline. Make sure your website displays summer packages for guests' stay. 
For example, having a tropical theme where employees in Hawaiian print shirts and serve coconut water to your guests. Get innovative and give your guests a summer vacation experience that they will not only enjoy but also cherish!

5) Include summer-friendly games and activities

While designing outdoor activities for your guests this summer, be mindful of the not exposing them to too much sun. Early mornings and late afternoons are best for outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, picnics, etc, that involve prolonged sun exposure. Make sure water dispensers are visibly placed at multiple spots in your property, which will help your guests quench their thirst without having to go looking for water every now and then.

6) Encourage family time

Be smart to make the best of this opportunity and include family packages to attract hotel guests this summer. Plan in advance which amenities would be best suited for families with kids. The trick is to keep it simple, fun and practical such that families staying at your properties will feel at home, but will also be blown away by the guest experience!

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