5 great ways to attract international guests to your hotel


International travel is now fully-fledged. Anyone can travel anywhere, anytime they like. International leisure guests are usually more valuable to your hotel because they tend to stay longer and spend more, given they have saved up for several weeks of annual leave.

With the growth of global travel showing no signs of slowing down, securing international bookings is a must for hotels that want to become profitable. There are some fundamental strategies you need to employ and some factors that may be holding you back. Here are five simple tips to attract more international guests to your hotel:

1. Increase your language and currency capabilities

Guests may love the look of your website or property images, but if they’re unable to read about your features in their own language, or view rates into their own currency, they’ll quickly become frustrated and look for a hotel that can accommodate these needs. 

Employing multi-lingual staff will also be a huge benefit. When your guests arrive you can ensure their trip runs smoothly and you receive positive reviews. From Google Analytics, you can see which countries you’re getting the most views on your website from and start focusing on those key areas.

2. Stay active on social media

As with Google, Facebook can tell you where your followers are from. With this information you can start posting content to engage the target audience to want to attract, or use targeted ads. 

You could even start making occasional posts in their native language to create a stronger affinity with them. Being active in general, with varied and interesting content, is the best thing you can do. 

3. Keep up-to-date with OTAs and maximise SEO

Obviously international travellers will research their trips via channels they’re familiar with. Making your presence on the local OTAs and third party sites of the travellers you want to target is vital. Again, you can analyse your traffic to see which regions you’re most popular with and redouble your efforts in that area.

The same goes for search engine optimisation. If organic traffic is flooding in from China, you should make it a priority to connect to Ctrip and start capturing the huge amount of potential bookings waiting for you.

4. Work with international websites

Travel blogs and websites can reach far and wide, so it’s worth getting in contact with any that you think may prove useful.

By offering a free stay to bloggers, you can convince them to write a review of your location and property gaining you exposure in their own country and beyond.

5. Maintain your website and manage your reviews

Few things are more important than the overall aesthetic and functionality of your hotel website. If it looks old and is slow, guests will view this as a representation of your property and service.

Of equal importance are your online reviews. International travellers generally trust their peers so if your rating isn’t high, your bookings will suffer. Do your best to manage online reviews by being responsive, calm, and patient.

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