Boutique hotels: How to attract more guests with personalization technology?


Over the past years, the number of boutique hotels has increased dramatically. Many travellers prefer a boutique hotel over a big luxury chain of hotels because it is more intimate and personalised as well as being luxurious.

So what does personalization mean? According to Sabre, a hotelier’s focus should extend beyond converting lookers to bookers. Personalization in every aspect – from shopping to post check out – unlocks new opportunities to personalize a guest’s experience.

To gain their popularity, boutique hotels should make suitable strategies by using and optimizing personalisation technology. Here are some tactics that can be used:

1) Know the guests before they arrive

Hotels should acquire as much details as possible before the guest checks in. Check previous stay histories and track their preferences or dislikes. For new guests reach out to them before their arrival and see if they have any specific requests. For example, create a guest pre-stay communication format which helps to acquire more details about what the guest likes or expects from the hotel. 

2) Personalize digital messages

Hotels can make a guest excited by having the guest’s name written on the TV greeting display as well as any gadgets kept in the room. These small touches go a long way in making a guest feel more special.

3) Continue the interactive post stay

Hotels should reach out to the guests, post their stay, and get feedback from them. A customised post-stay questionnaire can be created and then sent to every guest after they have completed their stay. This can be a great way to further improve guest experience levels, create guest loyalty and help you send targeted offers to individual guests as per their preferences.

4) Enable smart rooms

Many hotels are now offering smart rooms that can be controlled by a device in the room, or a downloadable app. Guests can make prior requests via the app, room lighting and temperature can be personalised by the guest directly and so on.

Digital personalisation is a great way to go the extra mile for your guests, but do remember that the human personalisation is still as important as ever. The digital aspect is an extra tool available to the hotel staff to create a memorable stay for their guests.

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