How to avoid the bad reviews aimed at your hotel?


Beware the dreaded negative hotel guest review. At your hotel, you’re probably aware that the drama in that statement is not overstated. The sobering reality of managing online reviews and hotel guest feedback is that people who have a bad experience are much more likely to leave a review than those who enjoyed a positive experience.

Most guests will be reasonable and if you make a concerted effort to make things right, bad feedback can be turned into a positive review. Take note of these tips:

1. Don’t shirk on guest experience

Think about when people visit their friends houses for dinners and parties. They get treated according to all their personal preferences and nothing is too much to ask, while the venue had been meticulously prepared to please and entertain.

If you treat every guest like a friend, taking pains to make their stay convenient and personalised in your great location, you should have no problems. As a minimum, make sure staff are warm, friendly, and available and keep rooms and amenities in impeccable condition.

2. Listen, understand, and connect

As much as you might feel like shrugging off an annoying guests request, it’s important to treat every enquiry with respect. Make sure you’re on the same page as your guest and build a rapport with them. Make it obvious you care about making them happy.

Your verbal language, tone, and body language are all vital here. If a guest brings an issue to your attention it’s important to be act grateful they’ve made you aware and accept any negative feedback as constructive criticism. Then, when you go about resolving the issue, check in with the guest to be sure your solution is to their satisfaction.

3. Be proactive

Instead of waiting until check-out or beyond to ask guests if their stay is up to standard, strike up conversations daily about what they’re enjoying and what could be improved upon. Not only will this give you valuable insight for future guests, but it will show your current customers that you’re working hard to give them the best experience possible.

4. Respond to all reviews – both positive or negative

If, heaven forbid, a bad review does crop up on your TripAdvisor page, take a breath before replying. It’s never easy to accept negative feedback and you may be tempted to defend yourself in a reactive manner, but generally it’s better to look at why the comment was made and how you can act on it for the better.

Politely thank every guest for their review and respond specifically to what they have to say. If you’re heartfelt in your response and apologise to the guest, along with whatever recompense you feel is necessary, most guests will give you another chance and be convinced to change their review.

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