Social media: how to engage your hotel guests?


Every social media platform has the ability to unlock the booking potential of your hotel, with the right engagement strategy. Some may perform better than others for your particular property but everyone online should be treated as a prospective customer – afterall, who doesn’t love to travel?

By now, it’s obvious Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter dominate when it comes to active social media users, and they all have individual strengths you can take advantage of at your hotel. Let’s look at the best way to engage followers on each of these channels so you can decide which social media strategy will work for your hotel.

1. Facebook

Don’t be afraid to have fun: there’s nothing wrong with posting some ‘light’ content on Facebook every now and then to create conversation or make people laugh. Try to keep it somewhat relevant however by making a post about travel, your property, local area, or anything else your followers could find interesting. .

Encourage conversation: when people take the time to actually comment on a Facebook post, it’s means you’ve done a good job. Comments generate much stronger traffic and awareness than simply racking up the likes. Think of an interesting, fun, or even newsworthy topic to post about and ask your followers for their take on it. Most of the time people need no second invitation to share their opinion!

Use photos regularly: naturally photos take up more space in the newsfeed and draw a reader’s attention much more easily. Think along the lines of sharing photos of guests, staff, the local area, meals from your kitchen, amenities etc. Always caption your photo with a funny or conversational tagline.

2. Instagram

Quality is key: given Instagram is known for hosting beautiful, high-quality, images, that’s what people to expect. If a photo is poorly framed or slightly blurry it will stand out and be ignored more than on other platforms. A poor photo will have a reduced chance of being engaged with, and it could also give people the impression that you don’t care and are just posting because you think you have to.

Research hashtags: hashtags are one of the most important aspects of Instagram. They make it very easy for people to find content and topics they’re interested in, and they’re a great way to browse and find inspiration.

3. Twitter

Monitor and respond as much as possible: Being present and active is vital on Twitter. Make sure you respond to every tweet and retweet of your content. Engage in conversations and don’t be afraid to join in conversations created by other accounts to make yourself known.

Be informative: Twitter is great for people who want to keep their finger on the pulse of society. Any breaking news or inside secrets often originate on Twitter and they spread fast. Tweet any hotel news, special offers and local stories of interest such as the opening of new restaurants near your hotel or the opening of a park etc. Share anything that will provide value to your followers, and always be aware of what’s trending.

Involve your guests: hotels can request guests’ Twitter information upon check-in and offer special discounts at restaurants or spas in exchange for it, including the permission to take their pictures. Being able to tag your users in your tweets is a surefire way to increase engagement.

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