E-commerce consulting for hotels & resorts

We help hotel management teams in doing excellent business online. Our clients are luxury hotels and resorts who decided to go beyond basic digital marketing practices.

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Daniel and his team showed us how to optimise online marketing, and made our hotel over $1.5M in the process.
— George Richardson, GM @ The Jewel Hotel

Get the 4 pillars of your hotel e-commerce right


1. Brand communication

Make it easy for your guests to discover, like and book your hotel. Leave a lasting first impression and keep your audience excited about staying in your property. We can help to improve positioning, selling the experience with textual and visual messages, as well to optimize communication online, including ads, banners, videos, social, e-mails, website and OTAs.


2. Marketing intelligence

Use our analytical platform to simplify reporting and data analytics. Our dashboard gives you all essential web performance information in a quick glance. You no longer have to switch between different accounts to see how your campaigns are performing.

The platform offers hundreds of useful features to save time and making your work more productive.

3. Advertising management

Online advertising managed with the latest marketing technology, including real-time bidding and audience optimization. Get your message to your best performing audiences the most cost efficient way on Google Search, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Expedia TravelAds.


4. Pricing optimisation

Based on booking trends, market characteristics and forecasts, we can help to develop optimal pricing strategies to maximize room revenue and production on OTAs, and your official hotel website.


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Q&A about our work

We go beyond what most independent consultants can offer today, like preaching obvious generalities or selling "remote marcom" services. As a team, we can provide consistent, uninterrupted support in multiple areas at the same time.





1. Why do you need a consulting team?

Overseeing e-commerce data for a large number hotels gives us invaluable insights that marketing teams of independent hotels can not have. We see trends and efficient practices in real time - and we are happy to share these insights with our clients.

2. What do we do to support hotels?

We provide analytical insights and strategies, support in marketing and e-commerce decision making. We help to embrace e-commerce technologies, improving conversion funnels and keeping paid adveritinsg campaigns optimized. Project management is included in every contract to ensure that our suggestions are properly implemented.

3. Why are we the best consulting team?

Overseeing dozens of successful hotels - and also seeing some bad examples - gives us factual insights about what is working and what not. It's easy to work with us, our suggestions make sense, our fees are reasonable and we are okay to take extra miles whenever required. But most importantly we want our clients to become as successful as possible.


"...client success is our top priority..."

Daniel Diosi, Consultant @ dCommerce

Caravelle Saigon
We have worked with Daniel and the dCommerce team for almost a year. In that time we have found them to be professional, efficient and extremely knowledgeable. They have helped us to improve the guest experience on our website and offered extensive insights and recommendations for cost effective campaigns that have resulted in revenue increases across our digital profile. I have no hesitation recommending dCommerce to assist with your e-commerce and website needs.
— Alex Hepworth, DOSM @ Caravelle Saigon

Our company

We are a small team of hospitality, marketing, e-commerce and branding experts working together.

dCommerce is based in Malta (EU), serving clients all around the world.

From humble beginnings we have developed into a leading association with robust web-analytics technology and knowledge to support hotels in doing excellent business online.

Our philosophy reaches beyond making more money on the internet. We promote sustainable marketing and advertising principles, promoting value based, customer oriented practices.

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