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Print publishing is dead and securing a single article in any top magazine is just too expensive.

DC Edition is a next generation hotel & travel magazine that smartly delivers your content to relevant audiences by using AI-configured sponsored social campaigns, targeted to people with interest in your topics.

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DC Edition is both a magazine and content marketing platform. It is written for millennials by millennials, and has been carefully designed to offer a smooth yet "classic" reading experience. However, what makes it so interesting and effective is the system under the hood. Based on AI-managed bidding and audience optimization algorithms, our content distribution machine delivers articles to readers at a fraction of the typical costs. This efficiency enables our publishing clients to scale their content marketing and reach millions of readers, even if on a tight budget.

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Full support and consultation is provided to determine the right campaign goals, content, targets and KPIs.

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DC edition is powered by "Type 2" AI, which is capable to learn from past events and perform tasks with increasing efficiency.

Our system understands the tags and topics of your articles, automatically identifies suitable audiences, finds the most cost-efficient targeting methods, then configures sponsored social campaigns to deliver your content to as many people as you want.

Based on real time performance data received from the ad platform, the system optimizes campaigns every 12 hours.